About COI


About COI

        Established in 1966 with a view to providing round-the-year training programmes in the technical domain of Insurance, Customer Service, Regulatory Compliance, etc., the College of Insurance is the training arm of Insurance Institute of India. Our face-to-face training programme offers a unique way of motivating students. There is a broad portfolio of courses on offer covering all aspects of the market and reflecting the different needs of companies and individuals.

         The College of Insurance is recognized by the Government of India as an institution of higher learning in insurance. The Government of India sponsor candidates from several Afro-Asian countries (under Colombo and SCAAP plans) for the various training programmes conducted at College.  Being a leading Institution of Insurance Education and Training in third world counties, College of Insurance finds a place of honour in the United Nations Directory of Technical Education and is recognized by the Economics and Social Commission of Asia and Pacific (Bangkok), the Special Commonwealth African Assistance Plan, the Technical Co-operation Scheme for Colombo Plan, by the United States Agency for International Development and the Indian Technical & Economic Co-operation Plan, etc.

            Besides the scheduled Calendar Programmes, it also conducts customized programmes for Insurance Companies. In the domain of General Insurance, it regularly conduct programmes on Marine Hull and Cargo Insurance, Aviation Insurance, Motor Insurance , Effective Claims Management, Engineering Insurance, Miscellaneous Insurance, Risk Management and PML, Liability Insurance, Health Insurance, Re-insurance, Challenges in Project Insurance, etc. In the area of Life Insurance, it offers a programme on  Underwriting and Actuarial Practices, Sales and Distribution Channel Management, Business strategies of Group Insurance, Bancassurance, etc. All the programmes are designed and structured to give inputs to the participants based on their exposure and experience in the subject matter. 

           The faculties have right blend of industry experience and academic excellence. College also invites Practicing Managers including senior level Executives from the companies to interact and share their experience and wisdom with the participants.

          The College has a beautiful campus at the Bandra – Kurla Complex in Mumbai. The classrooms are well equipped with modern technological aids; the library has a wide collection of books related to Insurance, Management, Business, Banking, Law, Investment, Accountancy, Health and fiction, etc.

          The Hostel provides Single-seated / twin-sharing accommodation facilities for all participants of residential programmes. The individual rooms are furnished with beds and mattress, a computer table, chairs, closets and shelves. All rooms have full time internet connectivity with direct lines to the main LAN and intercom. The housekeeping staff is available throughout the week to take care of cleaning of rooms, corridors and rest rooms on a daily basis. We also have recreation centre, which is well equipped with gymnasium and indoor games. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available in the canteen. It also has a state-of-the art auditorium.